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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Yesterday's photo . . .

Forgot to post this yesterday . . . meet Puddin' the family cat.  
Every animal that has come into our lives/house came via soldier son.   He always wanted pets, we've had guinea pigs {chocolate & cinnamon}, we've had a corn snake named Bart Connors {yes, the gymnast, during his gymnast years}, our sweet beagle mix Maggie that we lost in 2003.  He came home with a huge rabbit one time, forgot his name, he wasn't with us long.  Oh, and let's not forget the fish . . . lots of them.  Soldier son didn't stop with critters, sometimes he brought home kids.  They needed a place to stay for one reason or another and so they did.  
Puddin' came from the humane society in 2003, we didn't want another dog so we caved and let him adopt this Sweet kitty with a great disposition.  Oh yeah, not much later, we got a dog.   Of course, we're just taking care of these guys until soldier son comes home!

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