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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Photo of Yesterday . . .

I didn't post my photo of the day yesterday.  The day just wasn't what I expected.   I took plenty of photos, it was my sweetie's birthday, we both had the day off coincidentally and the plan was to have a nice late lunch at Houlihans and go to the movies

We did and it was fun.   About as much fun as you can have on freakish cold day in January on a Friday afternoon.   I should say this before I tell you how the day ended though, it's been one of those weeks, the phone calls from soldier son have been short and few lately.  He tells me he's super busy on missions, very tired and just didn't sound right to me.  Plus he unfriended me on Facebook.  Wow did not see that coming.  Anyway, I've had the "winter I miss my boy blues all week long". Which brings me to this photo, which I didn't take, the boys, all 3 of them have been planning this surprise for weeks.  

He wasn't supposed to get his R&R until March and 8 last night the boys rang the door bell and there he was in his ACU's that he put on Tuesday in Iraq.   I can't believe they pulled this off without me finding out!  {PS he unfriended me so he could tell everyone else that he was coming home!}


  1. What a wonderful, loving, and special surprise. I can understand why you were concerned about be unfriended. Unfriended for a little while so you could be loved and friended in person. I am so happy for you and the family. Have a wonderful time. Peace and love,

  2. Crying here!! So happy for you! What a great surprise! Brandon told us today that he's slotted to go to southern Iraq in July (no official orders yet ) so we'll see if that changes...

  3. Sue, what a sweet thing to happen to a sweet lady by very sweet men. I am so happy for you for the next couple of weeks. You must be floating.....
    Get lots of hugs,