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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Photo of the day!

Since yesterday's photo featured Puddin', it's only fair that today's photo is of Jay-Jay.  Soldier son got this little guy when he was only a few weeks old.  He is a designer dog, a "Wauzer" yep you can google it.  He's mama was a Westie and his papa was a Schnauzer

He's just about the cutest dog ever.  He's a lap dog and since soldier son went off to the Army, he likes to sleep with us.  Tom is not a big fan of the dog sleeping with us and definitely draws the line at him getting under the covers soooo he is banished to the foot of the bed. . . 
When Tom gets up @ 5am, he quietly gets dressed & slips out of the room so as not to disturb my beauty sleep.  The minute the bedroom door closes, Jay climbs right in bed with me.  He likes to snuggle, what can I do?  

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