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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Photo of the Day!

It's only 1 day since I watched this story on the local news:

Chihuahua Survives Owl Attack

Wow in the suburbs of Chicago, a man was walking his little dog & the predator owl came out of nowhere to try to scoop up the little guy. Thought to self, "sure am glad there's no owls around here", my little 10 lb Wauzer wouldn't stand a chance!

Whaaat-I'm washing my breakfast dishes looking out my window @ all the brown.  Brown trees, brown grass (soon to be white) brown bird.  Okay, that's a really BIG bird, not black crow, a big Brown OWL.  Holy cow, camera is always ready to shoot but I'm going to need a telephoto, I took a chance & ran to get the other lens.  I got these OWL portraits before he flew away:

Okay, gotta go check on the Dog, he needed to go outside . . .

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