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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Photos of the day.

I'm a member of a special Facebook Group called Army Moms.  It's a group just for mother's of soldiers and really has become a support group.  There is no question that can't be answered, the Moms are from all walks of life with a son or daughter in the Army.  Some of the soldiers are on their way to Basic Training, others are on their 2nd or 3rd deployment.  

One of the Moms organized a Christmas card swap.  We all sent Christmas cards to our soldiers and we sent cards to each other.  Almost everyday from Thanksgiving to Christmas we received cards from all over the country!  It was so fun to go to the mailbox everyday to find these cards from Moms with the same kind of worries, thoughts & fears!  Our kids received over 40 cards from these Moms!

Anyway, here is a simple project I finished today.  I made an album to save all my special cards together in one book! 

See you tomorrow and HOOAH!


  1. COOL SUE!!! This is a really cool idea!!! (I saw the card I sent you!!))



  2. Yeah, you know yours was my favorite!