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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Photo of the day

We headed to the field for our happy "Homecoming" around 11:00pm.  We knew that he wasn't going to be  there until 12:45am but we were excited and wanted to find our spot on the bleachers.

Lots of families were there already.  You should have seen the little kids with their handmade signs and t-shirts.  It was so sweet just thinking about them reuniting with their daddies!

 While we wanted {no so patiently} the Red Cross was their serving cold drinks and cookies.  The veterans were there handing out little flags to wave.  The soldiers were actually coming in on a military aircraft 45 minutes away and would have to get on busses with all their equipment and travel to where we waited.  We got to see them getting off the plane on a JumboTron screen on the field. 

 Of course it only added to our impatience and by now it was going on 1AM. 

Finally after seeing a stream of busses and waiting patiently {okay the crowd was screaming} for the soldiers to come out in formation.  It was pitch black out but we knew they would come out on the left of the sign.

Finally!  They were on the field and we waited while a flag ceremony was performed.  Have I ever mentioned how all these guys look a like in their uniforms?  You think you would be able to pick out your own kid but it just doesn't work that way. . .

OMG.  It is like a scene in a movie.  Soldiers are dismissed and the crowd is encouraged to find their soldier.  Babies are scooped up.  Kids are screaming Daddy-Daddy.  Couples are renunited and then you see your son. . . wow!  There is NOTHING better than this moment!

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