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Saturday, April 02, 2011

Photo of the day

A few years ago . . . okay really more than a few. . . back in 1980 something I happened to be Christmas Shopping @ Famous & Barr.  I found this display of  "Topo Chocolate".  Topo referring to a Topographical Map-made out of chocolate.  This particular chocolate bar had a map of the exact area where my {cartographer} map guy husband works.  In fact it shows the Brewery and right across the street is the Aerospace Center. 
Okay stay with me here . . . this seemed like a great little stocking stuffer for map guy.  So I bought and he loved it and then he took it to work to show the guys.  Soooo, the other day he cleaned his desk and brought this home . . . Really?  This thing is over 25 years old for gosh sakes.

Kind of makes you wonder what the chocolate is made out of, doesn't it?

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  1. ha ha ha - and the chocolate still looks pretty good. I mean, no nasty white spots where it's dried out. That Tom, he's such a nice guy to cherish that gift for all those years.