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Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Photo of the Day


Busy packing all the Christmas away . . . I love getting it all out but when it's time to put it away I love the cleaning and organizing that goes along with it.   {a little crazy?} 


Found this little gem at an antique store.  I picked it up because I love the cover so much!  This guide to Meal-Planning, Cooking & Serving was published by Good Housekeeping in 1928.  On the first page after the contents it says:  "Sooner or later your friends will learn that you possess this book.  You will be having them in for dinner some evening, and they will express their enthusiastic admiration for  your delightful hospitality!"   So cute.

Inside you will find amazing recipes such as Hotch Potch and Creamed Lima Beans, and advice for Making frozen desserts in mechanical refridgerating units.  I'm reading up on Squabs, Partridges & Pheasants now, gotta go!

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