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Monday, January 30, 2012

1/29/2012 POD

I'm still working on organizing photos and putting finished layouts into albums.  I have all the photos from both sides of the family.   Tom's family photos were in about 10 albums and were glued down with rubber cement.  It took a long time but I did get a lot of photos out without doing damage and preserved the captions and journaling the best I could.

My family photos (the old ones) were loose and unlabeled and there were tons of them.  The photos from the '50's when my parents met and later when I was born were  in unsafe albums and the labeling was mostly on the back.  The rest were in those awful magnetic books.  I have finally gotten all these out and organized for the most part. 

It will be impossible to use all these pictures but at least now I can pick out the best photos and scrap them. 

A few more  layouts made into 12 x 12. 

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