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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The St Louis Six plus One! .

Words can not describe the amazing weekend that we had! The weather was perfect! The event itself was fabulously, wonderful, fantastic, inspiring I guess you can kind of get the picture! Our workshops, well, I will have to post some photos! We will be bringing them into the shop for show n tell for sure!!

I want to thank everyone that attended Holiday Hideaway 2008! This is a very special group of artistic people that I am so blessed to be counted among. Trust me, I pinched myself every 5 minutes while I was there!! We will never hear Andy WIlliams version of "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" without smiling for rest of my life thanks to Tim!

I am leaving for work (yes reality is setting in) and I can't wait to get there so I can share with all my customers and coworkers!

Holiday Hideaway'ers, I love each and every one of you! Tim you are probably the most generous, genuine person that I have met! Mario, you know I love you! Michele, Keychain, Sharon, you all inspire me! Seriously, I could go on, but must go!!

More photos to follow!! Susan

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