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Friday, December 29, 2006

Ahhhhhh, resolutions . . .

I so do not like to make resolutions . . . but something has to change!! Honestly when it comes to my scrapping supplies I am an honest to goodness packrat!! I save the tiniest sticker just in case it could be used on a project!! I have a secret fetish that I am only now going to share . . . boxes . . . I love em . . . I save them .. . all sizes . . . everything is a future project!! Alas, I am out of space, I cannot even find my desk most of the time . . . soooo in the spirit of New Years resolutions

1) clean and purge

that's it!! I said it!! NOW, how this will benefit you . . . I will be selling my "stuff" at garage sale prices!! I will try to post a list daily starting tonight.
If you would like to purchase an item, email me right away. You can either pick up at my house or at FKS. Payment in cash at the time of pick up!!

Sooo, I will keep you posted!! Happy New Year!!

Check out the Great Purge Contest!!

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