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Friday, May 21, 2010

Thanks to our Brand New Team Members!

We only have until NOON on Saturday, May 22 to sign up for a team. Please click on the Komen Logo on the sidebar to sign up for Carolina Sue's Crew!

Dana Rybacki

Robin Priscu

Andrew Priscu

George Priscu

Deanna Piskulic

Gretchen Piskulic

Tina Piper

Carrie Johnson

Jan Reel

Suzanne Schumann Missy Jaycox
Jennifer Hansen
Adam Kelemen
Zack Kelemen
Tom Kelemen
Kim Dambach
Patti Kappel
Barb Reininger
Becky Dunnell
Tammy Tutterow

Amy Crawford

Ruth Moody
Muffy Pullen
Dena Redfern
Sue Benedick

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