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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

It's not a class, just a post . . .

It's true, I rarely take the time to share anything more than class announcements
on my blog. Today I am in a sharing mood so here's where I'm at!

Happy Birthday to my girlfriend, Missy! April 8th, I always remember because it is
my baby brother's birthday too. So Happy Birthday to Christopher too.

Legend has it that he was left by Gypsies when were stationed in Aviano, Italy. I was old
enough though at the age of 14 to know that he wasn't left by Gypsies at all. My Mom had him at an Italian hospital, (that's a story for another day!). I swore that I would never change a
diaper but fell in love with the little guy right from the start!

Now, Chris is getting ready to get married for the first time. He has found love and a family that he has always wanted! It's so hard because I can't be there for his special day next week but half
of my heart will be there when he gets married on April 18 . . . only 2 days after my own anniversary of April 16.

Seque to April 16 . . . a new anniversary for me. Just as Nancy W. is celebrating the homecoming of her Marine son Beau . . . I will see my baby, my youngest off to Army boot camp. That's where the other half of my heart will be next week. So on my 31st wedding anniversary I will kiss my son goodbye and pray that he reaches his goal of being an Army Ranger.

Now back to prepping my class for tonight, just had to get that out! Thanks for listening!

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