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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to me . . . still!!

My birthday was on the 22nd but as always I try to make it last as long as possible. The week started with a nice package from my Mom and Dad! All week I came home to cards in the mail and on Friday the "girls" took me out to lunch! They surprised me with gifts and it was so nice!! Nancy made me a special book that I just love!! Then Missy made this sweet "Happy Birthday" Cone Hat!!

Aleeta, Nanc and Timi gave me a gift card for Christopher Banks and I made good use of it right away!! (well they did have sweaters 1/2 price)

Tom and Zack picked me up from work yesterday (my actual birthday) and took me to Houlihan's for dinner! Tom spent the whole day while I was at work making me a special homemade birthday cake! Wow, is he amazing or what? Since Adam was working today we continued the celebration! Tom and I went to St Charles for a little Main Street shopping then a quick lunch at our fav little pizzeria . . . I talked to everyone on the phone today, sister, mother, father etc
Adam came over later and the boys showered me with fun gifts, from Adam, GC to Archivers (I know, I know) Pounds of fudge (don't know what that's all about, seriously). Zack bought me my fav things from Origins, Ginger Rush of course! Tom bought me pearls but not just ordinary pearls, Mandarin Pearls, they are all different colors and so beautiful.
It's been a great week and Belinda sent me a package that hasn't arrived yet so I guess we'll just keep the party going right through Thanksgiving!!

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  1. WoW! Sounds like the best birthday ever!
    Happy Birthday!