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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

So did you see this on the FKS Blog?

Six Degrees of Separation

Remember the old Kevin Bacon thing . . . everyone is related somehow . . . just 6 degrees away from everyone?

Well, we have our own For Keeps Sake FAB-YOU-LOUIS (yes, you read that right) 6 Degrees of Separation story to share with you about Scrap St. Louis 2009.

Here goes (and bear with me because this is too good not to share):

Sue got a call the other day from Big Picture Scrapbooking's Paula Wessells. It sort of went like this:

Paula: I'd like to talk to someone about Scrap St. Louis.

Sue: I can help you.

Paula (demurely): Well, maybe I better tell you who I'm with. This is Paula Wessels from Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Sue: Let me get Nancy W for you.

I take the phone and here's how the conversation went:

Paula tells me who she is and said she heard about Scrap St. Louis from her friend and our good customer Cindy B.

Paula asked if there was any way she could come and do make-and-takes for us at Scrap St. Louis. Now by this time I am looking at the two store owners and mouthing to them (you won't believe this!) - already getting goose bumps because I'm so excited that anyone at Big Picture would even know who we were. Of course I said "yes, we'd love to have you as a guest instructor for our make-and-takes".

Then Paula said, she was talking to Margie Romney Aslett (who is one of the Scrap St. Louis teachers) and Margie told Paula that she just had to come to St. Louis for this event.

So far in our 6 degrees we have:

  1. Paula Wessells from Big Picture Scrapbooking
  2. Cindy B (our good customer and Paula's friend)
  3. Margie from Making Memories
  4. For Keeps Sake

Two more players needed right? Here goes:

So, we continue to talk and Paula said, I'm just wondering . . . I saw you have Mary Engelbreit as your keynote speaker. Do you know that Stacy Julian does this as well? Would you like Stacy Julian to attend Scrap St. Louis? And if so, could you fit her in?

OH MY GOSH. I am telling you that I am on the floor. The store owners (Timi & Nancy) are jumping up and down and clapping and by this time, I can hardly believe my ears. I can't even repeat what I am mouthing to them, but believe me . . . it was good!

So I say (trying to play it cool, but so excited I can hardly stand myself). . . We would be honored to have Stacy Julian attend. Would she perhaps be willing to speak at our closing dinner on Saturday evening?

Paula: I think that can be arranged, but let me check with Stacy and her schedule and see what we can do.

Can you believe it? Big Picture Scrapbooking's Paula Wessells hears about our little Scrap St. Louis event and is going to let Stacy Julian know?

  1. Paula Wessells from Big Picture Scrapbooking
  2. Cindy B (our good customer and Paula's friend)
  3. Margie from Making Memories
  4. For Keeps Sake
  5. Stacy Julian

Now we still need number 6 right? So, Paula and I continue our conversation and she says that Stacy is putting together a brand new keynote for 2009 and we're going to love it. (of course we are. We love everything Stacy does!) Her keynote is based around a book that each guest can put together, but Paula informs me that the book should be available to purchase at Scrap St. Louis. I tell her about our on-site store and how we stock everything the instructors, speakers, etc are using . . . and that would be a perfect venue for Stacy's book.

We continue to talk and I find out that the book is manufactured by Clear Scraps (hi girls), our new good friends who we adore. Do you remember a previous post saying that we were the first store in the country to get the latest products from Clear Scraps and that they delivered it themselves. We love this girls. In fact, if you were at Scrap St. Louis 2008, you took their Mickey Mouse Clear Scraps class.

I had already talked to the Clear Scraps gals and they were already planning on coming and doing a make-and-take at Scrap St. Louis 2009 . . .

so . . . what a perfect fit . . . and Clear Scraps is our 6th degree!

With all that in mind, we are perfectly pleased to announce that

Stacy Julian will be attending Scrap St. Louis 2009.


Paula Wessells will be teaching make-and-takes throughout Friday and Saturday. Stacy will be available all day Saturday and be our keynote closing speaker on Saturday evening at dinner.

Paulaw OH MY GOSH. I can't believe it. Sign up for Scrap St. Louis by calling For Keeps Sake Scrapbook (where something new happens everyday!) 314-487-8131

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