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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Tom and Sue's OZARK adventure!

Tom and Sue's OZARK adventure! This was our 2nd annual Autumn Ozark Adventure to Arkansas . . . WOW! The weather was incredible and sunny and so pretty!! We stayed in Mountain Home, Arkansas this year. It wasn't long before I found a Local Scrapbook Store called Scrapbook Addiction that was just as cute as can be!! It was packed with great paper and the decor was a little industrial edgy kind of feel!! My favorite part was a huge frame that displayed the samples from the talented design team!!

Next we drove to Mountain View for the 25th annual "Beanfest"!
It was truly amazing to see the thousands of people that came from all around for the festival. They cook up giant pots of beans in big kettles and serve it to everyone for free with homemade cornbread!
Just too much fun! It was the perfect weekend!


  1. you've been tagged!!

  2. Yum! Cornbread!! See you at CE 08...
    --Denise in Michigan
    (who is guilty of using Jiffy cornbread mix and could really use a good cornbread recipe from "scratch")!

  3. Love Mountain Home; it's where we are going to move in about five years. Can't get enough of those "hills", lakes and rivers!