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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm doing the challenge

At Creative Escape, I took a great class from the amazing Rhonna Farrar!!
We created a journal, that was to be used as an Art Journal in "The 21 Day Challenge"!!

The idea is it takes 21 Days to Make or bReaK a HABIT.

Rhonna has started a new round of the Challenge on her website . . . today is Day 5 but you can jump in anytime!!

So what habit am I working on?? It sounds really simple and so not life changing but my challenge is to set aside a little time every day to "Scrapbook"!! There I said it . . . I haven't done anything that wasn't class related, sample related or gift related in FOREVER. So that's it . . . so far so good!! Pics to be posted later!!

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