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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Slide Mailer Book

Slide Mailer Book, originally uploaded by suezlou2003.

Recipe for Christmas Cheer . . .

Take a bushel of tinsel, sprinkle well
throughout the house.

Add two dozen stars and one graceful
Christmas tree.

Take a generous spray of mistletoe,
an armload of holly, and a full
measure of snow laid in curved hills
along the windowsills.

Toss in a Christmas carol, and season well

with good will and friendly laughter.

Light the candles, one for adoration,

two for celebration.

Let the first burn brightly, and may those
you love be near.

The yield: one happy Christmas.


Home to

and heart to heart
from one place

to another
the warmth

and joy of Christmas
brings us closer to each other

Thanks to all the girls for attending my class this morning, I hope everyone enjoyed taking this as much as I enjoyed teaching it. I'm not sure who asked about the poem I used, (Jane??), anyway here it is for anyone who is interested. . .

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